About Us

The team at MuslimWill.ca consists of a varied group of problem solving Muslim entrepreneurs, based in Ontario, Canada.

The idea for MuslimWill.ca was conceived after the team heard frequent complaints from friends, family, and other Muslim community members, about the difficulties in drafting a Sharia compliant will or “Wassiyah”, in Canada. For most of these people, the process of calculating and drafting a Sharia compliant will or Wassiyah was either too time consuming or too expensive. To resolve these difficulties, the team at MuslimWill.ca worked tirelessly to create this website, as an inexpensive, trusted, and easy-to-use platform, for Muslims in Canada to create their Sharia compliant will or Wassiyah.

The website was founded on the principle that Muslims living in Canada shouldn’t have to worry about drafting their final will and testament, in accordance with Islamic Laws. It is designed to help Muslims in Canada create their will in a manner that is both easily accessible and reliable.

Our primary goal is to ensure that every Muslim manages his testamentary affairs, including who to pass on their estate to, as well as who to appoint as guardian or custodian for their children, in a manner that does not conflict with their religious beliefs.